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Christian Calendar has 22 events
6th January    Epiphany Epiphany means 'manifestation', com ...
3rd March    Shrove Monday 48 days before Easter
4th March    Shrove Tuesday 
5th March    Ash Wednesday 46 days before Easter, ashes are cu ...
19th March    Saint Joseph's Day 
13th April    Palm Sunday Beginning of the Holy Week. Commemo ...
16th April    Holy Wednesday 
17th April    Maundy Thursday Commemorate the last supper, final ...
18th April    Good Friday Commemorate the 3-hour agony of Chr ...
19th April    Holy Saturday 
20th April    Easter 
21st April    Easter Monday Day after Easter
29th May    Ascension Day Christ's entry into heaven
8th June    Whit Sunday 50th day after Easter, Holy Spirits ...
9th June    Whit Monday Day after Pentecost
19th June    Corpus Christi Commemorate the Last Supper on the ...
29th June    Saints Peter And Paul Day 
15th August    Assumption Day Mary's body was 'assumed' into heav ...
30th November    Advent 
8th December    Immaculate Conception Celebrates God's choice of Mary to ...
24th December    Christmas Eve 
25th December    Christmas 
Muslim Calendar has 10 events
13th January    Mawlid Al-Nabi 
25th May    Lailat Al Miraj 
12th June    Lailat Al Bara'a 
28th June    Ramadan 
23rd July    Lailat Al Kadr 
28th July    Eid Al-Fitr 
3rd October    Waqf Al Arafa 
4th October    Eid Al-Adha 
25th October    Muharram 
3rd November    Ashura 
Hindu Calendar has 8 events
14th January    Makar Sankranti 
4th February    Saraswati Puja 
28th February    Maha Shivaratri 
8th April    Ram Navami 
29th August    Ganesh Chaturthi 
25th September    Navaratri 
23rd October    Diwali 
Islamic Calendar has 14 events
14th January    Mawlid Al-Nabi Mohammad is a prophet and founder o ...
27th May    Lailat Al-Mi'raj Ascent of the Prophet
14th June    Lailat-al-Barat Praying throughout the night before ...
29th June    Ramadan Beginning of a month-long fast
25th July    Lailat-al-Qadr Pray and read the Quran, the holy b ...
29th July    Eid Al-Fitr End of Ramadan, end of a month-long ...
30th July    Eid Al-Fitr (2nd Day) 
31st July    Eid Al-Fitr (3rd Day) 
4th October    Mount Arafat 
5th October    Eid Al-Adha Feast of Sacrifice
6th October    Eid Al-Adha (2nd Day) 
7th October    Eid Al-Adha (3rd Day) 
25th October    El-Hijra Islamic New Year
3rd November    Ashura The tenth day of the month of Muhar ...
Jewish Calendar has 23 events
16th January    Tu Bishvat Tu b'Shevat means the fifteenth day ...
13th March    Fast Of Ester 
16th March    Purim 
17th March    Shushan Purim Jerusalem
15th April    Passover 
21st April    Passover (Last Day) 
27th April    The Holocaust Remembrance Day 
5th May    Israel's Independence Day 
18th May    Lag Baomer The anniversary of the day when Bar ...
4th June    Shavuot 
15th July    Fast Of 17th Tamuz 
5th August    Fast Of Tisha B'Av Commemorate the breaching of the Te ...
25th September    Rosh HaShanah 
26th September    Rosh Hashanah (2nd Day) 
28th September    Gedalyahu Fast 
4th October    Yom Kippur Day of Atonement
9th October    Sukkot 
15th October    Sukkot (Last Day) 
16th October    Shmini Atzeret 
17th October    Simhat Torah 
17th December    Hannukah Commemorate the successful rebellio ...
24th December    Hanukkah (Last Day) 
26th December    Kwanzaa 
International Calendar has 5 events
14th February    St Valentines Valentines
1st April    April Fools Day 
31st October    Halloween 
25th December    Christmas Christmas day
31st December    New Year New Years Eve
red indicates official holiday
Seasons Calendar has 4 events
21st March    Spring 
21st June    Summer 
21st September    Autumn 
21st December    Winter 
Budhist Calendar has 2 events
30th November    Asalha Puja 
8th December    Bodhi Day 
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