World 2024 Calendar

Events for the World 2024 Calendar

Christian Calendar has 7 events
6th January    Epiphany Epiphany means 'manifestation', com ...
19th March    Saint Joseph's Day 
29th June    Saints Peter And Paul Day 
15th August    Assumption Day Mary's body was 'assumed' into heav ...
8th December    Immaculate Conception Celebrates God's choice of Mary to ...
24th December    Christmas Eve 


Hindu Calendar has 1 events
14th January    Makar Sankranti 
International Calendar has 5 events
14th February    St Valentines Valentines
1st April    April Fools Day 
31st October    Halloween 
25th December    Christmas Christmas day
31st December    New Year New Years Eve
red indicates official holiday
Seasons Calendar has 4 events
21st March    Spring 
21st June    Summer 
21st September    Autumn 
21st December    Winter 
Budhist Calendar has 1 events
8th December    Bodhi Day 
Jewish Calendar has 1 events
26th December    Kwanzaa 
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