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Events for the Islamic 2010 Religious Calendar

Islamic Calendar has 14 events
26th February    Mawlid Al-Nabi Mohammad is a prophet and founder o ...
9th July    Lailat Al-Mi'raj Ascent of the Prophet
27th July    Lailat-al-Barat Praying throughout the night before ...
11th August    Ramadan Beginning of a month-long fast
6th September    Lailat-al-Qadr Pray and read the Quran, the holy b ...
10th September    Eid Al-Fitr End of Ramadan, end of a month-long ...
11th September    Eid Al-Fitr (2nd Day) 
12th September    Eid Al-Fitr (3rd Day) 
16th November    Mount Arafat 
17th November    Eid Al-Adha Feast of Sacrifice
18th November    Eid Al-Adha (2nd Day) 
19th November    Eid Al-Adha (3rd Day) 
8th December    El-Hijra Islamic New Year
17th December    Ashura The tenth day of the month of Muhar ...