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Events for the Sweden 2015 Holiday Calendar

Sweden Calendar has 17 events
1st January    New Year 
6th January    Epiphany Epiphany means 'manifestation', com ...
29th March    Daylight Savings Start 
3rd April    Good Friday Commemorate the 3-hour agony of Chr ...
5th April    Easter Sunday Commemorate Christ rising from the ...
6th April    Easter Monday Day after Easter
1st May    Labor Day Day of honoring workers
14th May    Ascension Day Christ's entry into heaven
25th May    Whit Monday Day after Pentecost
26th June    Midsummer Eve 
27th June    Midsummer Day Summer solstice
25th October    Daylight Savings End 
1st November    All Saints' Day Celebration of all Christian Saints
24th December    Christmas Eve 
25th December    Christmas Christmas comes from the words Chri ...
26th December    Boxing Day 
31st December    New Year's Eve 
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