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Events for the Lebanon 2015 Holiday Calendar

Lebanon Calendar has 26 events
1st January    New Year 
3rd January    Mawlid Al-Nabi Mohammad is a prophet and founder o ...
9th February    Feast Saint Maron 
29th March    Daylight Savings Start 
3rd April    Good Friday Commemorate the 3-hour agony of Chr ...
5th April    Easter Sunday Commemorate Christ rising from the ...
6th April    Easter Monday Day after Easter
10th April    Orthodox Good Friday 
12th April    Orthodox Easter Sunday 
13th April    Orthodox Easter Monday Day after Orthodox Easter
1st May    Labor Day Day of honoring workers
6th May    Martyrs' Day 
18th July    Eid Al-Fitr End of Ramadan, end of a month-long ...
19th July    Eid Al-Fitr (2nd Day) 
20th July    Eid Al-Fitr (3rd Day) 
15th August    Assumption Day Mary's body was 'assumed' into heav ...
24th September    Eid Al-Adha Feast of Sacrifice
25th September    Eid Al-Adha (2nd Day) 
26th September    Eid Al-Adha (3rd Day) 
15th October    El-Hijra Islamic New Year
24th October    Ashura The tenth day of the month of Muhar ...
25th October    Daylight Savings End 
1st November    All Saints' Day Celebration of all Christian Saints
22nd November    Independence Day Independence from France 1943
24th December    Mawlid Al-Nabi Mohammad is a prophet and founder o ...
25th December    Christmas Christmas comes from the words Chri ...
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