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Events for the Iran 2014 Holiday Calendar

Iran Calendar has 17 events
14th January    Mawlid Al-Nabi Mohammad is a prophet and founder o ...
11th February    Revolution Day Victory of 1979 Islamic Revolution
20th March    Now Rooz Iranian New Year
21st March    Now Rooz (Day 2) 
22nd March    Now Rooz (Day 3) 
23rd March    Now Rooz (Day 4) 
1st April    Islamic Republic Day 
2nd April    National Picnic Day 
27th May    Lailat Al-Mi'raj Ascent of the Prophet
4th June    Death Of Iman Khomaini 
5th June    Anniversary Of Uprising Against The Shah 
14th June    Birth Of 12th Imam 
29th July    Eid Al-Fitr End of Ramadan, end of a month-long ...
22nd August    Martyrdom Of Imam Jaffar Sadeq 
5th October    Eid Al-Adha Feast of Sacrifice
3rd November    Ashura The tenth day of the month of Muhar ...
12th December    Arbin 
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