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Events for the Indonesia 2011 Holiday Calendar

Indonesia Calendar has 15 events
1st January    New Year 
3rd February    Lunar New Year (1st Day) Beginning of the new lunar cycle
4th February    Lunar New Year (2nd Day) 
5th February    Lunar New Year (3rd Day) 
16th February    Mawlid Al-Nabi Mohammad is a prophet and founder o ...
4th April    Nyepi (Hindu Lunar New Year) Driving out the evil spirits
22nd April    Good Friday Commemorate the 3-hour agony of Chr ...
25th April    Easter Monday Day after Easter
17th May    Vesak Buddha's Birthday
2nd June    Ascension Day Christ's entry into heaven
17th August    Independence Day Independence from Dutch in 1945
31st August    Eid Al-Fitr End of Ramadan, end of a month-long ...
7th November    Eid Al-Adha Feast of Sacrifice
27th November    El-Hijra Islamic New Year
25th December    Christmas Christmas comes from the words Chri ...
red indicates official holiday